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If you do not have a US nexus (you do not have an office, employees, or personally reside in the US), your sole proprietorship does not pay sales tax in the US or anywhere in the world.

For a long time it was said that LLCs in the United States should avoid having income in the United States, since otherwise it would be mandatory to pay taxes there.

However, this is only partially true. In fact, if you are not a resident of the United States or have nationality there, you can have clients or sell there without problems, as long as there is a “nexus”.

If the LLC does not have a corporate substrate, that is, if it does not have a director, employees and / or office there, it will not have any “nexus” in the United States and, therefore, it will be considered a disregarded entity, an entity that does not pay taxes.

I interpret that as I am not a resident / national I can have clients there without being obliged to pay taxes there as long as there IS a link. Then the third sentence says the opposite … although in another way.

yes, but amazon, for example, asks me for a consumption bill to open their account.

Yes, there are services that you can only use if you have a consumer bill or a leasing contract. We can help with this without creating a nexus that makes the LLC a tax liability there.

Hello Adrián, I hope you are very well. As you should already know, Argentina has a great issue with the dollar. I want to open an LLC and then open an account for it in MercuryBank and then fund it to finally open an investment account in TD Ameritrade, since if or if they ask for a bank transfer. My future LLC would have a TDA account to invest in. What about this? Nothing would come just to put money into the LLC account so you can invest …

Excellent article, I have a question, I will be in Florida until July 31, that is 20 calendar days from today. I live in Colombia and my company is Colombian. We are two partners at 50% and we both meet the requirements you mention, can we open the LLC as partners and be exempt from paying taxes in the USA? Or is it only for single owner companies?

The LLC in Florida can pay our salaries and operations in Colombia and not pay taxes there?

The LLC must be sole proprietorship, but you can register it in the name of a company in which you are both.

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